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New Website

The New & Improved

For our first blog entry, we only felt it appropriate to cover our newly designed website. We are so excited to bring you a new design, along with better functionality. Our goal was to create a better user experience, while also delivering the latest and greatest content. We had the joy of working with Ryan Ely, with Rocket Powered Hosting, who has been a tremendous help with integration, design and overall development of the new site. If you are needing a website for your business, regardless of your industry, we highly recommend Ryan to get you where you need to be with your website needs.

One of the best new features is our VIP Club! By joining this club, customers receive an instant 10% off their DJ services. Not only will our VIP member receive 10% off, they will be the first to receive other exclusive discounts. But wait – there’s more! All Out DJ often finds creative ways to give back to our customers, usually through some CRAZY giveaways. In the past, we have given away Thunder tickets, concert tickets, hotel stays and more! All of our VIP members will be the first to be notified and will be automatically entered to win these prizes whenever these giveaways happen!

Another key feature that we are very excited about is the addition of our online shop! This new website offers customers the ability to book directly through the website with no hassle! You can book a DJ for your event and make payment entirely through our online store. We are also excited to see our new website offer customers the ability to check availability for their date and to schedule events with us directly through the site!

As our bookings grow, so must our team of DJs. As a part of our update, we have integrated a Jobs page which will allow aspiring DJs to begin their careers, or to allow experienced DJs to find new opportunities with one of the top DJ companies in Oklahoma. We love growing our team and we love that we get the opportunity to develop aspiring DJs into professionals who can offer an exceptional DJ experience to all of our customers. If you or someone you know would like to join the team, tell them to hop over to our Jobs page at and apply today!

Finally, we are ecstatic about the fact that we have rolled out new products along with the introduction of this new site. Just to name a few, we now offer prism uplighting, which is a very unique lighting option that ONLY All Out DJ offers. Our Prism Lights are manufactured in Germany, and only recently became available in the US. Traditional uplighting is still a great option, but the prism lights can really transform a room unlike any other! Additionally, we are excited about our introduction of the Dancing On Clouds machine. We LOVE seeing post-wedding photos of the first dance when we roll this out. The Dancing On Clouds machine creates some of the most magical, unbelievably breath-taking photos you’ll ever see!

We appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read this, and everyone who has taken the time to poke around the new website. We are so excited about the future of All Out DJ and we cannot wait to meet many of you in the coming months! Please remember to subscribe to our blog and follow along for our monthly releases, where we will tackle a wide range of insightful and educational topics related to the DJ industry.

See you next time!