Terms and conditions

1. Purchaser shall make available to the DJ the place of performance at least 2 hour(s) prior to scheduled performance time for the purpose of setting up and sound balancing. A suitable electrical outlet must be made available to the disc jockey. Coordination must be provided upon arrival for DJ setup location. 2. The Purchaser has agreed to provide All Out DJ with a meal, as well as beverages during their event just as it is presented for guests. 3. Any Credit/Debit payment via swipe or invoice will be processed with an additional 5% charge (non-negotiable). Cash, Check or Paypal/Venmo is acceptable with no added fees. All Out DJ will not accept any other forms of payment not identified in this contract. 4. Cancellation by Purchaser for any reason does not warrant the return of any retainer fee paid. 5. Account balance MUST be paid in full no later than 2 weeks prior to the scheduled event. If payment is not submitted upon arrival for the event, All Out DJ will not render services until this balance is satisfied in full. All Out DJ will only accept payments in the form of CASH, PAYPAL/VENMO, CREDIT/DEBIT CARD (swipe only), MONEY ORDER or CASHIERS CHECK on the day of the event. This will be non-negotiable. 6. This agreement does not bind All Out DJ to providing any DJ specifically, unless otherwise agreed upon prior to the event. All Out DJ will place our staff strategically, based on logistics and availability.